Telematics Platform is a multilingual communication platform of the AVK Sozialprojekte gemeinnützige GmbH (AVK Social Projects non-profit company, LLC). The platform serves for the exchange of information and experiences focussing on HIV and AIDS on international level.


The idea of developing a communication platform was initiated by the clinic partnership between the Donetsk Regional Center of AIDS Prevention and Control and the Auguste Viktoria Clinical Centre (AVK), or rather the AVK Social Projects non-profit company.
The main focus of the bilateral clinic partnership is since 2006 a continuous transfer of knowledge in the areas of clinical diagnostics, treatment and care for people with HIV and AIDS.

Since 2008 Telemedizina opens additional communication and information channels for the clinic partnership. While the actual basic knowledge transfer still takes place in seminars or observations in Donetsk and Berlin, the complementary established platform allows to discuss current issues and to deepen at one’s own discretion the knowledge acquired.
Thus the platform supplements the combination of face-to-face communication with online communication and teaching »blended learning«), and facilitating, in doing so a continuous exchange of information and experience independent of time and place.

Currently medical and care issues are discussed above all in the Telemedizina forums and, for instance, preventive treatment and care strategies in accordance with local conditions can be elaborated with opportunities for rich interaction in moderated discussion rounds. As a matter of principle patient related data are never named.
Further information is gathered in issue-specific libraries and glossaries and offered via photo and film material.
In addition to that an external image data bank with about 75,000 endoscopic examination images from the Vivantes Auguste Viktoria Clinical Centre in Berlin allows comparing examination results.
The exchange is completed with a chat and a notification function as well as wikis allowing collaboration on texts; likewise research and project preparations can be supported as well as research results and events announced.



The technical basis is the open-source e-learning software Moodle™. The Content Management System is currently used in almost 200 countries by different education facilities and organisations as a Communication and Learning Management System.
A global team of programmers and international user community safeguards modules, updates, and support. Thanks to additional security certification unauthorised parties are denied access.
And for reasons of data privacy protection search engines cannot capture any of the Telemedizina contents.

So as to keep the entry requirement regarding different Internet connections as low as possible, programmers consider alternatives that making it offers accessible for computer networks with low frequency bit rates.



Currently Telemedizina is provided in two languages (German and Russian) and used within the scope of the clinic partnership.
Moreover people and organisations from the areas medicine, healthcare and social work authorised by AVK Social Projects shall be recruited in the future.

Since Telemedizina is designed as a (password) protected space self-registration is not possible. That is one the one hand due to data security, and on the other to the always sensitive area of HIV / AIDS and the aspects of discrimination, stigmatization, and taboooization it entails.



The Telemedizina project could be realized thanks to company sponsoring and the support of the Federal Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (German Technical Cooperation).